Modem Scada Westermo


TD-36 RS-232

Extended temperature range –25°C to +70°C
Data rate up to 33.6 kbit/s with Fast Connect
Terminal rate up to 115.2 kbit/s
2-wire leased line
V23 HDX with multidrop
DTR and incoming data dialling
DIP-switch configuration
Secure call back and access
Industrial environment transient protection on all interfaces
Up to 11 data bits
Tri-Galvanic isolation (interface/line/supply)
Caller ID presentation and answering
Remote configuration

The TD-36 is designed to function reliably within industrial environments and in areas of high level interference. The modem has an RS-232 interface supporting terminal data rates up to 115 kbit/s. The TD-36 is a V.34 modem meaning that it can support bidirectional data rates of up to 33.6 kbit/s on the PSTN or leased line side. Fast connect ensures that leased lines can re-establish connections in the range of 5 seconds. The modem is equipped with transient protection on the line side and a “watchdog” that monitors and automatically resets the modem in the event of a fault. These functions together with remote configuration make the modem perfect for installation at unmanned sites and prevent the need of costly service trips. The modem also has password protection, dial-back security and caller ID answering to ensure that only authorised users can communicate with the modem and any connected equipment. The TD-36 is ideal for industrial applications as it mounts easily on to a 35 mm DIN-rail, has screw terminal connections and is tri galvanically isolated. For ease of setup the modem is supported by the Westermo TD-tool configuration software but also has DIP switches to assist configuration.Drivers for Windows setup are also supplied.

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